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The Rock of Gibraltar
The Rock of Gibraltar

On March 4th 2011 we moved to Gibraltar. Since then we have been very much in love with the place. It is a place of beauty. Apes living on the top of the rock, architecture dating back hundreds of years and people who are so proud to have been born and raised here. The sense of community and the sense of being welcomed by the locals is overwhelming. There are times when we miss home, but that is more down to the fact our family and old friends are a few hours flight away. But the glorious sunshine and epic views help to make up for it! 😉

This blog is going to cover several things. Our exploits. Some advice for anyone thinking of moving here. Reviews of restaurants, bars and nightlife in general. Things to do as a tourist, even though we have been here for a year, we are still discovering new attractions. Access to other countries, a walk over the runway gives you access to Spain and mainland Europe, a short ferry crossing gives you access to Morocco! Where to shop for a bargain. And other general titbits of information.

I hope it turns out to be interesting and / or helpful.

Please email britontherock@hotmail.co.uk for any further information.


All photos on the blog have been taken by myself unless otherwise stated, should you wish to use them, please link back to me! If you want the full sized file email the above address.

14 thoughts on “About this blog…

  1. Hi Brit, I just wanted to leave a comment saying that you have a wonderful blog. I was looking for Gibraltar blogs on wordpress and your blog came up first 🙂
    I especially loved the post with the apes.


  2. Hi really like your blog hoping to move to Gibraltar in the future .it looks amazing . I’ve just started applying for jobs .keep up the good work .dean


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