A New Challenge: Travelling Without Moving

So here we are, a new incarnation of Brit on the Rock!  Many thanks to Amy for handing over her wonderful blog, I hope that BOTR continues to be as strong and solid with me at the helm as it has been in her steady hands till now.

This Brit on the Rock has been living here for a couple of years now.  After 21 years of living an international life, making 11 temporary homes in 8 countries across Europe, Asia and Central America, and a LOT of moving, Gibraltar has become our final destination, our forever home.  A unique rock, a jewel in the mediterranean, only 2.6 square miles in size but with the biggest heart and a lot of soul – which is why we choose to live here.

Over the coming months (indeed years!) I’ll hope to amuse, entertain, provide some thoughtful insights and generally share one view of life in Gibraltar at what will be interesting times.

So welcome to my journey staying still, or, as beautifully coined by Jay Kay, ‘Travelling Without Moving’.  That is a challenge in itself!Sandals on the beach

2 thoughts on “A New Challenge: Travelling Without Moving

  1. You will smash this my lovlies , couldn’t have been given to a more inspiring person than you debbs , I will look forward to reading And following you’re news and interest 🙏🙏 you’re obviously so right for this with the he knowledge you have on so many things , having known you and the conversations we have had you’re perfect for this 💋💋💋💋


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