Last weekend

What a difference a week makes. This weekend the Levante is hanging over us and I swear it is sucking the energy out of me, possibly all of Gibraltar… I did have plans to tackle the Med Steps again, that would make three weeks in a row but the cloud has put me off. Last weekend we (Mr BOTR and I) walked them and I even managed to get a bit of sunburn. (I always manage to miss a bit of shoulder and look stripey.) No chance of that today. It looks grim outside! 

The views were once again beautiful and we even managed to mix the route up a bit to keep to it fresh. Rather than stick to the road to walk back down we took the track that leads you back to Jews Gate from St. Michael’s cave. I can’t say it was easier, it is certainly shorter in distance, but requires a lot of concentration because it’s very ‘raw’. I knew this path existed, but Mr BOTR had to show me where it started as I have never really lurked around outside of the caves that much, (monkey zone😉) he however has taken this path a number of times with his football team when they’ve been out training. At night. Not something you will catch me doing… 

Whilst we were climbing the steps we were overtaken by our old PT and he was on his second trip up of the day. Confirmed my beliefs that PTs are made of sterner stuff than most people, although it has inspired a new goal, multiple trips up the Med Steps in one day….

Does anyone know if the ambulance service can get up there with ease? 😂

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