Well hello there!

Mr BOTR went to London last week to watch a band play (this is cool no? Thusly makes me cool by association) and he also invested in two new phones. So I am back​ in the world of the interweb. 

Whilst Mr BOTR was away I had my bestie come to stay. Oh we walked. We walked so much. Saturday we did a walk into Spain and Sunday we stuck with Gibraltar. The old phone had a great camera, but it didn’t like doing much else. So I got some nice pictures. But couldn’t share them as each time I would try my phone would freeze up  and then switch off. But anyhoo, last weekend the weather was good (till Sunday night) and we went up the Med Steps. I’ve got a couple of life tips for you. If you’re friends with a personal trainer, never ever say jokingly after scaling much of the Rock, “Hey you wanna go up the Med Steps?” Chances are they will say yes. It hurts. Second tip, take a lot of water. A lot.

For all my grumbling it was beautiful, and the views make it totally worthwhile, but seriously have people been adding extra evil steps, some a foot high if not more. When we got to the top, neither of us fancied doing the downward journey, so we stuck to the road back down, and then we walked to Europa Point for food. Except the cafe had stopped serving food. The kind waiter clearly took pity on us, because he came back to our table saying he could make us toasties. Which we ordered and devoured. Seriously I don’t think I have been that hungry in a while…

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