Last Sunday…

Last Sunday was one of those glorious bright days. One where you have to go out for a walk. I packed up my camera, slung on my rucksack and we headed off into Upper Town. Gibraltar the country  is smaller than my hometown. I can never quite get my head around that, probably because I keep discovering new places, even after I think I have it all mapped out. I guess it is because it has so many layers, nooks and crannies!

We found a pathway / steps / alley that led from Prince Edwards Road to Flat Bastion Road. We first went up one way, then met a lady who lived there and she took some time telling us all about the area over the years. The architecture in that neck of the woods, is just amazing. I seriously had a moment of ‘if we win the lottery’ I want that house. It looked like a town house from London had been dropped bang in the centre of Gibraltar. (What a delightful combo.) Oh the house lust was overwhelming! There is a lot of scaffolding around there though. I really hope that the old buildings are just getting a new lease of life and we aren’t getting any ‘Mid Town Car Park’ style surprises right in the historical heart of town. I guess we shall have to wait and see….

As well as the outside of buildings, we also spotted a few open doors. I am nosey. I had to look. And when there are huge sweeping staircases I have to take pictures. Seriously there are some amazing interiors, floors and tiles in Upper Town. A new tourist tour. Decor nerds tour. A look at lobbies around Gibraltar, for amazing modern buildings, check the tiles in the Anchorage. Mother-of-pearl shiny. So yeah all told it was great walk, lots of butt toning steps and lots of new things to look at! 😀

In other news, I just wanted to mention that butt ugly boat that cost more than the national debt of a small nation. That boat is a floating version of the ‘Emperors new clothes’. Seriously I haven’t met anyone who thinks that it looked nice. It might be the most advanced floating castle ever built, (overheard in Corks) but looking from our spot in Gibraltar we decided its design was inspired by either a robot flea that was laying on its back, or a dead beetle. And it looked wonky. Either way I am glad it isn’t ruining our view anymore. What did you think? Did anyone like it?


So otherwise life goes on as normal. Lots of gym. Lots of cooking. (A lot of food pictures on Instagram) Lots of reading. And a daily dose of Spanish (DuoLingo for the win) along with our weekly lessons. I am still super nervous of speaking but my understanding is getting better and better. Which means my nosiness is getting better and better! Hahaha!

I’ll finish my little update on life with another sunset picture. Because honestly I think we have some of the best sky here… And also because I can’t let the boat be the last thing you see on this post! 😉


3 thoughts on “Last Sunday…

  1. Lovely photos Brit and yes ❤️that house!!! So gorgeous. I recognised almost all of your photos but I cannot place that house at all. I think I’m due another Upper Town wander myself….

    I didn’t like that boat either. The cost was obscene too – just think of the good you could do with that amount of money instead of spending it on a hideous carbuncle. Think hospital wards, aid to refugees, medical research… sorry rant over!


    1. Lol. Please we had the exact same discussion! Seriously the man who commissioned it already has a bloody boat! 😂 the house is on the same passageway that goes from Flat Bastion Road to Prince Edward but at the lower part where it splits, if you were walking down its on the right and round the corner!

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