A bit of design…

So I am posting today to try and sell an idea. Not just to you guys but also to me, which is kind of weird. A while back (just before New Year) a website called vidashop.com contacted me to see if I wanted to work together to create products from my photos. I immediately assumed it was hoax, this isn’t me doing some kind of ‘humble brag’. I just don’t really think of my photos that way. Sure I get a handful of likes every now and then, but that is quite different to producing things with my pictures on them. Anyway I sat down, had a look through what the website was about, asked a few questions and finally decided to go with it. Why not? ‘Be brave‘, I am sure that was on my list of resolutions for this year!

So to the collection. This isn’t all of it, this is just a screenshot of some of the pieces I have created.


As I said above, this picture, doesn’t show all of the pieces I have created, but I just wanted to give you an idea of where I was going… I have a few images that I really like, then I got really indecisive about the direction I wanted to take, so I just mixed it up. It is mostly Gibraltar focused. But I can see me maybe going down a more abstract route in future. Oh who knows. I guess it depends on if any of it actually gets sold! Anyway I got a bit nervous at the pricing structure. Remember it is dollars not pounds, and also remember that these guys actually do good with their production, this isn’t some Primark-esque sweat shop enterprise.

Anyway as a new designer I get a bit of discount for a few days. This code Welcome15 is valid up until the 15th February 2017. It gets you 15% off your order. Should you go bonkers and buy more than $250 worth of stuff you can use this code Welcome50 and get $50 off of your order, and again it is valid until the 15th of February 2017. I don’t know how many accent pillows or tote bags (the bags will be great for the beach people, and beach season is just a couple of months away 😉 ) a person needs but don’t say I don’t share…

Anyway thanks for reading, and let me know what you think!

Brit on the Rock Vida Shop

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