Happy New Year!

Hello 2017!

So how is everyone? Human again after NYE? I didn’t have a drop of booze and still woke up with a headache. I was also home by 0130. #Iamold! Mr BOTR however didn’t get home until 0730. I was so proud. I feel like I can claim some of his cool. So we currently have our first guest of the year. Today we took him up to the top of the Rock to see the monkeys. We were going to take a taxi tour, but he isn’t into history so we opted for the cable car, which will if you are familiar with Gibraltar, deliver you slap bang in the middle of the monkey madness. (News Flash: Gibraltar ID card holders can travel the cable car for free. Weeeeeeeeee! Who knew? Not me.) So we got the to the top of the Rock and immediately the apes were on us. Can they smell fear? I even tied my hair back. I’ve been groomed for fleas once, and once was enough! Lol. Mr father-in-law was impressed with their antics. However some unsuspecting tourist wasn’t. She had her bag grabbed, pulled apart and her families lunch eaten. I did laugh, I am aware that I will pay for this on the karma spectrum at some point. I did not laugh loudly. Just in my head, and then I kept spinning around to make sure the apes weren’t on me, approaching me, looking at me. Two of the staff rescued and returned the bag, alas the lunch was entirely lost.

wp_20170102_13_44_24_proWe had a late lunch at The Clipper which was RAMMED. Lovely grub as per usual, and gave me a cracking idea for a veggie curry, so I shall be adding that to Instagram at some point when I get the chance to have a cook-up.

I’ll stop yammering on, and leave you with some pictures from today. Expect more touristy photos depending on where we visit this week!

Look how the landscape is changing. I can’t believe how different it is from when we moved here!

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