The weird week!

This week of the year is always the oddest for me. What to do with yourself. The gym opens tomorrow (thank goodness) and I can’t be the only one with an excess of Yorkshire Pudding to burn off?! How was the big day for you guys? Did dinner turn out OK? Did Father Christmas bring you all that you wished for? Did you enjoy the Boxing Day sunset? I felt it was a particularly beautiful one! The sky almost looked a bit bruised.


Our entirely vegetarian feast was really, really yummy. No great mound of leftovers for us, just enough for Mr BOTR to take as lunch the next day. I was thrilled with how our grub turned out. We even had ‘pigs in blankets’. All thanks to Quorn and Linda McCartney!

15732414_1298373293556687_3102135645611008313_oSo now we have NYE to look forward to. I don’t know for sure what we will be doing this year, but no doubt we will make our way down to Casemates for a little bit of fresh air. Especially as our friends are over for their very first Gibraltar NYE. The big question will be will I drink? When I think back to my hangover from two years I ago I already know the answer is a resounding NO! Plus we need to be fresh as daisies as Mr BOTR’s dad flies in on January 1st, for his first ever visit to the Rock! How exciting. We shall be in full tourist mode! Monkeys and lighthouses and of course, CAKE!

I can’t be the only one who sits down during this week, marking next years diary with birthdays and other things? Or thinking about resolutions and goals? I didn’t make any for 2016. Oddly I believe that I have semi crossed out two goals from 2015. This coming year I want to continue learning Spanish. (2015 – Learn Spanish.) Even though I am not that confident when speaking it, (I can, but I really am convinced that I sound like Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses when he tries speaking French) it is awesome being able to understand more and more of what people are saying when I am out and about. Or when I spend time spying on my neighbours (not at all creepy 😉 ). My nosiness potential has doubled. Seriously though a second language, especially one as widely spoken as Spanish is never a bad thing. We are having lessons with Little English. Make sure to check them out if you fancy learning Spanish this coming year.

My other semi-crossed-out resolution was to get my butt off the sofa and out and about exercising more, also my diet was really not that great. (2015 – Exercise more and stop eating crap.) I have if you can believe it, cut right back on junk and naughty stuff. I have those cheat days. Where my recommended two thousand calories a day are mostly made up from a ‘share bag’ of Maltesers. (FYI I don’t share them!) I do not deny myself stuff, but I also ensure that I am eating a ton of healthy grub as well. Weirdly since joining the gym this year I have felt the need to eat more. That has to be a good thing right? I think my body needed more fuel (not just cake). So I shall continue with my working out. I have muscles on my arms and back. I am more bendy from my home yoga sessions. I am giving serious thought to taking up an actual sport next year. Something self defensey. Something I can employ to move people out of my way during peak season on Main Street! Haha. Kidding. Anyway this year I am mostly undecided on what goals I would like to aim for. What about you? Was 2016 a good year for you? What have you got planned for next year?

Anyhoo I best be off! Wishing you all a very happy in-between festive week and a very happy New Year! See you all in 2017! 🙂

7 thoughts on “The weird week!

  1. Enjoy your New Years Eve, we considered Casemates for about 2 minutes and decided it would be too busy & noisy for the kids, we’ll watch it on Telly instead! I’m with you on the Spanish resolution, I think I can understand a bit, but lack confidence while speaking … as for share bags of Malteasers… err no I don’t share either!!

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      1. Haha! Yes we were toasty warm thanks 😊. We did have a spectacular display up at ours, it went on until 3am. One lot just took over after the next. Our neighbours clearly have money to burn! We got a free show!! Maybe next year…

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