Well the music festival is all done for another year!

I didn’t take a proper camera this year, so apologies for the phone pictures! Even though we weren’t as hyped up about it as last year, we still had so much fun. Numerous friends over for the weekend and some staying over to celebrate National Day as well. So not only was there the entertainment of the bands, we got in a good gossip as well!

WP_20160904_22_25_33_ProI’ll start with the food. Saturday I ate before I got there so my only concern was staying hydrated (seriously the humidity this year was nuts) and Sunday I wasn’t going until late and wasn’t that bothered about grub, but I got the munchies and we went off in search of food. There were a lot more options this year (yay) but there wasn’t enough of it (boo). See people are starting to enjoy veggie options just as much as they might enjoy a beef burger. So we had a grumble on twitter about being veggie-burger-less and headed over to the cute little caravans where we did get some veggie noodles and veggie sushi. So not all bad. And not a bad price really either. So well done to the organizers for getting more veggie caterers there, but next year double the quantities! I didn’t take pictures of the food. Instead I snapped some of the caravan. See above.  Lol.

So to the acts. We bought our tickets after All Saints and Stereophonics were announced. I don’t regret that decision. We also got to see Travis (excellent) and Jess Glynne (beautiful voice). Ne-Yo who was the headline act on Saturday lost my attention after he called up two young ladies on to the stage and sang a song about having a threesome, which riled my feminist bones to the core. I got the idea they didn’t know that’s what he had in store. Dude it’s 2016, don’t be pulling stunts like that. Women aren’t just meat. Idiot. Other than his foray into turning women purely into sex objects he was professional and worked the crowd, but we left before he finished.

Whilst I wasn’t that into seeing many other acts our friends went and watched Paul Young (who?) who has spectacular teeth according to one of my pals! And there is a video doing the rounds on Twitter of our Chief Minister dancing like a proper fanboy to Europe. Other friends went to see Bryan Ferry and Heather Small and said they were really good. Neither tickled my fancy.

Last year the facilities were absolutely horrific and leaving the site the smell of urine was overpowering. But this year, either the cleaners had upped their game, or I exhausted all my clean toilet luck, because this year I didn’t feel the need to walk over to the hospital for a tetanus jab. In fact the toilet was this clean!


I didn’t think the festival was as busy as last year. I think the acts were a lot more varied, and Mr BOTR spent pretty much all day at the stadium on Sunday and spoke very highly of numerous acts.  I wonder who they will get next year who will out perform Stereophonics? I can’t imagine anyone outshining the handsome form of Kelly Jones. #swoon



Till next year GMF!

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