Well howdy there…

Hello dear readers. Wishing you all a very cheerful evening. Hopefully not all of you are as hot as I am right now. HOW HUMID HAS IT BEEN?

It appears we can once again join the online world. Thank goodness for husbands who know about computers. So what is new? I haven’t as I may have promised to do, been updating my Instagram account with as much muster as I probably could have. But I have been a busy bee…

In a quest to get fit I joined the gym. I go five days out of seven. At weekends I use my bike. It is good. I can now fit my not-as-big-as-it-was butt into my shorts, which is helpful as it is just so hot here and sweating in trousers is so not nice.

When I am not at the gym I have been out with the husband. And we have been to school. Finally we decided to learn Spanish. I am really enjoying it. However putting it into practice is still quite scary. People in this neck of the woods talk fast. SO fast. But I guess once we get a better handle of it we shall be able to keep up.

So that takes care of what I have been doing…

This weekend is GMF2016. That is Gibraltar Music Festival for those who don’t know. We are going. Well we have the tickets. Whilst I am looking forward to seeing a couple of the acts I am not massively overwhelmed by the line-up. Next year we most definitely wont be buying tickets when the first two acts are announced. At least one of the days I wont be attending till early evening. At least it’ll give me a chance to eat actual food, as last year there was NOTHING for vegetarians who occasionally dabble with fish. I am not eating McCoys crisps all weekend again…

The day after the festival my daddy arrives for a visit! Yay! Happy face… Since his last visit we have a few new attractions here. The new small boats marina for a walk, and the bridge and the sky walk (is that open yet?) so except some new photos.

Oh and before I go I feel I need to confess one of the diet slips I have had since going to the gym (exercise = more grub). We just ended up at Cafe Rojo without even meaning to. Three delightful courses.

It is to hot to cook, that is my excuse and I am sticking with it… But there is a petition that needs to be started to encourage a permanent addition to the starters menu, those beer battered langoustines are quite simply amazing. The peach and warm goats cheese salad was also very yum….

Anyway to any of you going to GMF I hope you have a great weekend. Maybe I shall see you there!


PS this is Mr Peanuts solution to the heat. Sleep in the bath.


One thought on “Well howdy there…

  1. Those prawns look disgusting!!
    Am impressed with your gym regime. Ugh.
    Spanish: watch the news, in fact just watch Spanish tv generally, then graduate to radio. It’s not easy in Gib with people being bilingual, you need to be really persistant and confident for people to speak to you in spanish/llanito.
    Hope your dad enjoys his (hot) stay.

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