Erm… Hi. Yeah I haven’t died.

Hola amigos!

Sorry for the absence. I have missed you all. And hasn’t our world altered since my last post. Brexit discussion anyone? Now are we all happy with Theresa May being appointed PM? Are we worried that the border will close and that M&S will hike up their prices to such a degree we will have to wear rags? (Not that they aren’t that far off that price point now.) What about getting food here. I’m feeding up Mr Peanut just in case I have to turn him into sandwich meat. Kidding, I’m a veggie remember. Or worse still will we be forced to leave and return to the festering dump that is England (and its stinking climate) if the gaming industry ups sticks?

Anyway seriously where has the time gone? Well since my last post I had an emergency trip to England. My mum wasn’t well, and I didn’t think it was prudent to wait for news here. Especially as she was hospitalised in an area where you can’t get any signal and the hospital has gotten rid of the wheelie pay phone.

So I flew over for a week. It poured with rain, and I got to ride the train a lot. And I also got to wait for the train A LOT as every other one is always cancelled. Useless service GNR. USELESS. And filthy. And so expensive.

Anyway I returned once she was allowed home, and I was fairly certain that she was going to be getting the best possible after care and support from the rest of the family who are close by. It usually takes me a while to re-enter the day to day routine of life, and I sort of got distracted from updating my dear blog. Although I am not sure what exactly distracted me, or how that distraction last so long…

Before I flew to England, an actual day before, we had my friend staying with us. It was her first visit. And we had so much fun. We took her to Bolonia beach which had bovine sunbathers as well as human, then along to Punta Paloma to see the enormous sand dunes and then into Tarifa town just so she could see with her own eyes how beautiful it is, and the day after we did a Rock tour and of course we ate a ton of food.

During our Tarifa visit, we decided it would be very daft of us not to pop into that amazing bakery in the old town, and as we had ‘spare’ (spare = multiple cakes that we couldn’t quite stuff down in one sitting) cakes we were tasked with carrying the cute little paper wrapped tray. When we got down to the beach, the wind caught the paper, ripping it from the tray. Guess where it landed? Right in my face. Thankfully not the chocolate sauce covered side. However it was in front of a handful of people, who at that very same moment, were assaulted by the same gust of wind, which blew away their hats, now we were laughing at lot at the wrapper in my face, which I seriously couldn’t remove because the wind held it there, but they thought we were cracking up about their hat situation, which admittedly was pretty entertaining also. Amused looks were exchanged and we scuttled off down that spit of land towards the little island. The wind continued its vicious assault and soaked us with spray, tried to blow us into the sea, and made the day of all the kite surfers on the beach as it created the ideal environment for them.

Now the Rock is big and high, but maybe, just maybe it doesn’t look as high looking up at it, as it does as when you are actually on top of it looking down. I totally *adopts innocent face* forgot my friend was scared of heights. When the taxi driver said, “You get out here and go and see the view and monkeys” she clutched my hand hyperventilating and saying in a very strained tone, “Here, he means here, we could fall off the Rock!”  . I danced by the edge to make her squeal and freak out, and I truly believe that it was the dancing or karma that loosened the cap of my lens and made it roll right into the monkey’s den. I was not going in there, amongst the monkey’s food, I have no desire to be mauled by wild beasts. So to get it back, I asked our friendly driver, who was naturally on first name terms with the apes. Anyway to cut a long story short, I got my lens cap and an adolescent monkey jumped on my friends head. Which is exactly what is meant to happen when you visit the Rock for the first time! 😀

Continuing the theme of ‘holidays’ we have just had a two-week stay-cation. Neither of us could be bothered with packing to go away and when you live here, so long as work doesn’t get in the way you can pretty much enjoy yourself as you would going away. Without the added trauma of using someone else’s pillows. We’ve had meals out with friends. We’ve gone to a couple of gigs. I’ve just finished an amazing book for book club called Americanah, it is a must read! We’ve been to the cinema numerous times (the new Ghostbusters is an absolute must see) and we’ve generally dossed about like tourists. Well minus the bit where we clog up Main Street. Or just randomly stop on a pathway and wonder why people get pissed off.

One of the best parts of the stay-cation was walking along that new bridge on the Rock. OMG it wobbles so much. It has signs saying not run along it. Or go on it when it is really windy, you’d have to be off your rocker to try either. If you cross with someone else walking towards you, it feels like you are walking on jelly.

So now Mr BOTR is back at work. And life has gone back to normal! 😉 I am for the next week cat sitting so expect numerous instagram posts feature a fluffy black and white cat.

I make a solemn vow to check in with other blogs. And catch up on a couple of months of not reading all the posts I get email notifications for.

Until later folks!


3 thoughts on “Erm… Hi. Yeah I haven’t died.

  1. Hola chica

    I was thinking about you only this morning and figured you had deserted your blog for instag or pint or whatever.

    May is better than Leadsom. Better than Cameron. Just hope that revoke hunting ban doesn’t get anywhere 👿

    No, we aren’t worried about a frontier closure. Imagine the cost to Spain of all the cross border workers on the dole.

    Why would M&S put up prices, although admittedly it’s a good excuse. No, the prices that are going up are the ones who buy from Spain, eg fruit, veg, alcohol. Anyway, if you are short of clothes, try the charity shops.

    We had a South African friend visit and we went up the Rock. She stood on the edge, complete with balancing monkeys, and was calm as whatever. Unbelievable. Meanwhile I got vertigo and had to get out of the car to walk!

    Me and that new bridge? Not any time soon.

    Hope your mum is well.


    1. Hey, hope you are feeling better. I said the same thing about the frontier, but people have been saying that in two years it will close. I hope it just proves to be idle gossip.
      Haha stay away from the bridge Kate. If you get vertigo just being up the Rock. It’d make you really feel unwell. My mum is lots better. She just has to keep herself as stress free as possible…

      Liked by 1 person

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