For the fans of ‘Once Upon A Time’

Ah fairy stories don’t get old do they? Well if like me you watch the TV show ‘Once Upon A Time‘, which is a mash-up of lots of stories, now played out in the modern-day, with flashbacks to the Enchanted Forest (bear with me here, it is great to watch while you are doing the ironing, and Captain Hook is very easy on the eye!) you will know all about Regina’s dreaded curse. And the big cloud that swallowed up all of the characters and dumped them in the modern world.

A cloud similar to this…


It just rolled along, swallowing up Spain.

Then to further provoke my imagination this cloud rolled in the other night. Forgive the blurry image, I didn’t dig out my camera, but just snapped away on my phone. The cloud was literally swirling along. It just floated next to our apartment, and was so thick that before I opened the window I wondered if it was smoke. (Don’t question that logic, if it was smoke, we’d have to bag up the cat and make a run for it!) But Gibraltar’s microclimate is just mad. Now we are higher up the Rock we are IN the cloud. In it. Weird huh?


Just to let you know there have been no confirmations yet that Snow White and the gang are now living in Algeciras…

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