Ladybird ladybird…

The butterflies are still playing hard to get. Quite what I look like chasing those winged beasts about the Alameda Botanic Gardens is anyone’s guess, I’d hazard slightly crazy. Well slightly crazy until someone spots the camera slung around my neck and then it’s a knowing nod, or sympathetic glance. It is infuriating though. Last year there were millions of them fluttering about. Stopping to pose, flapping their beautiful wings. I’ve gotta be honest the way they are acting this summer they are going to get demoted on my list of ‘bugs I think look nice’. They’ll go beneath moths.

But back to the gardens. The ladybirds have taken up residence. If there’s a bug circus, these bold coloured creatures are in my mind  the circus ringmaster. Mother nature has dressed them so brightly and sharply. They aren’t shy. Stopping for photos. Posing. Landing on your sleeve. Ladybirds are the best.



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