Save Gibraltar Street Cats

As my regular readers will know, after we lost Kitty, who was a street cat that we took in, we adopted Mr Peanut who is also a rescue cat. Saved from the streets of Gibraltar by the wonderful ladies involved in the local charity Save Gibraltar Street Cats (SGSC).

I follow their work on Facebook, we donate money to them, and we always encourage people to adopt through them, because not only are you giving someone a home, gaining a furry member of family, but you are literally saving them from a life on the streets.

A life on the streets isn’t all bad. The cats can roam, something I am always aware of Mr Peanut not being able to do. Plus there are a lot of cat people here looking out for the cat population, we and they feed the strays. You only need to walk around Gibraltar to see that the vast majority of the street cats are happy and healthy.

The ladies of SGSC humanely trap the cats, collect them as soon as they are trapped and take them to the vets, to be treated, neutered, de-flead, and immunized, basically they do what an owner should. If the cat is friendly / young enough, they will try to either get it adopted or if someone can foster the cat, they’ll litter train it, and home it until someone can give them a forever home. They really do save lives. And they also change lives. Making sure the cat population doesn’t explode. This all takes serious time and money.

And love.

That has to be the most vital thing. Everyone who does something to help the cats to some degree loves them. Wants the best for them. And wants to see them safe and cared for.  That’s why when I saw the post about a trapped cat on Facebook this week, it absolutely broke my heart.

This weekend a person here saw fit to trap a cat on a roof and leave it there, without food, water or shelter for days. The poor cat who was only six months old, clawed his way out of the trap, fighting to the very end, removing his claws in the process, losing blood, dehydrating to death. This little street cat, who was cared for by a family, who hurt no-one died a death that fills me with abject horror. Who treats another living creature like that?

When the details of this incident got posted to Facebook it got a lot of attention. It provoked a lot of anger, and outrage, and rightly so. My post isn’t just about highlighting what happened, although whilst it is easy to turn a blind eye, while everything is hunky-dory, this heinous event could happen again. Maybe not deliberately, but the summers here are really hot.

Quite simply I am asking for you to donate money or food or your time to help the ladies of SGSC to get some kind of shelter / area from the government here, so the cats can be housed and cared for in safety, because it is quite apparent that even though this little cat was cared for and loved by people he was still vulnerable to a depraved and sadistic individual.  We need to help SGSC to be able to prevent this from ever happening again.

If you can spare some money that would be fabulous. Donations can be made with the details below. There is also a petition online to try and get the government to surrender or donate some land / space to create a shelter for the cats. Click here for details. Alternatively, please send tweets to our Chief Minister, this incident was reported tonight on the GBC, but I really feel all of us crazy cat people need to unite and get something sorted out with regards to a safe area for the cats. I have suggested a Cat Cafe, they are successful in both Paris and London, and I am sure it would flourish here in Gibraltar as well.

A/c No: 03820001
IBAN: G159 GIBK 0000 0038 2000 001
Sort Code: 608314
Swift Code: GIBKGIGI
Paypal donations to be sent to : Please remember to pay with Family/Friends option or they will subtract a small fee.

Alternatively if you live here, and want to donate food etc, just message the group on Facebook.

I haven’t posted a picture of the abused cat because it is really, really distressing, but his images are on the Facebook group. Instead I leave you will a picture of our glorious boy, who saved and mended our broken hearts, and who with the help of SGSC we saved right back.


2 thoughts on “Save Gibraltar Street Cats

  1. Technically you know the government disapproves of feeding street cats, like the macaques. Which would be a good argument for getting some ground property from them, ie less stray cars being fed.

    Nasty nasty person. Poor young cat 😦


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