Buzzing weekend…

Oh if only this ‘buzzing’ referred to wild parties, drinks and dancing. It does not.

Instead I refer to the massive honey bees of Alameda Botantic Gardens. The Alameda Botanic Gardens is a place where I spent a lot of time this weekend, poking around the flowers to try and find a) insects to photograph and b) persuade a butterfly to pose for me (no such luck) and c) get a bit of sun.

The bees were out in force. Such lovely creatures. And so interesting to watch them go about their business.

The gardens were busy, full of tourists, and local people making the most of the sunshine. One thing did disappoint me though, the amount of litter everywhere. These gardens are tended to so carefully, and they are so beautiful, and we are so lucky to have them to walk through free of charge, so when I see people dumping bottles in the pond, crisps packets in bushes and other bits of plastic and junk along paths it makes me furious. Show some respect for your local area. Who behaves like that when there are bins everywhere? It’s like they are making a special effort to ruin the environment. End of rant. Use bins. Littering is for losers.

Anyway bees…

3 thoughts on “Buzzing weekend…

  1. I took a photo recently of litter RIGHT NEXT to one of the rubbish bins by the Traf cemetery. What are these people like? MasterService does an excellent job but they really shouldn’t have their job made more time-consuming by bone idle disrespectful people. Plus, they’ve also had their hours cut. Last time we spoke to a Litter Enforcement Officer, they still hadn’t done the legal bit to be able to actually issue fines. Groan.

    I must get me up the Alameda and look at the pretty flowers. Haven’t been for ages. Pretty bees.


    1. I didn’t known that the hours had been cut. That’s ridiculous. With summer holidays coming up etc. Yeah the Traf area gets bad and also I’ve noticed the land by the escalators is basically just a large trash bin. It really irks me. There is a bin at either end if it. Seriously, just put it in the damn bin! This sense of ‘someone else will pick it up’ clean up after yourselves you lazy gits… I wonder if the world would be better if my mother had taught people social conduct and manners! Lol


      1. Yes. It is. Sick of this government.
        Ha! I taught my parents about litter. Stop throwing your fag packets out of the window. Later I improved it to stop smoking in the car. And over my breakfast. And anywhere I am. Just. Don’t. But litter. Drives us ballistic. When we camped, we left a clean site. No sign we had been there. People probably don’t camp these days 😀


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