Since getting the macro lens I am finding it very difficult to rid my house of creepy crawlies. I don’t encourage them in. But neither do I swat them with a rolled up newspaper. I may have turned a corner this weekend, because for the past five days we’ve had a jumping spider living on the kitchen ceiling.

He came down and sat on the base of my glass*.

Spiders fill me with the kind of fear that makes a person actually jump out of their skin, or scream. Or both. When we moved here and I discovered that even the small spiders could jump, and jump fast and quite a distance I very nearly moved away again.

This past Sunday though, I spotted him just relaxing and thought to myself, not only is this a great photo opportunity, I can also get Mr BOTR to expel him from the premises. Which he did after I had finished snapping away. I was a bit worried that Mr BOTR had hurt him when we shook him out of the door, so he poked him and with much relief the little dude ran off.

If you don’t like spiders. Look away now.

Who knew that even the little ones had long eye lashes and fur? And even though I have seen a ‘cute’ side (sort of) I am still itching when I look at these pictures…

*The glass that is actually plastic, because I am a dropper and when you are renting the last thing you want to do is break your landlords stuff, nope we always stash their stuff in the hardest to reach cupboard and use our ‘BOTR’ friendly things.

5 thoughts on “Jumpy…

  1. For me, jumping spiders are in the same cuteness category as kittens and ducklings. Amazing eyes, the agility of a track star and fascinating to watch. So glad you overcame your fear and took these pics. 🙂


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