Red Bug

I don’t know what this bug is called, but he was clinging on to the brick wall for his life. Especially as he had an injured wing. Because just below him a gazillion (yeah that is an actual number) ants stripped a dead lizard of his workings. It was grim. And yet oddly fascinating to watch nature reclaim itself. I’ve seen bigger bugs then Red, fall foul of ants. They are proper bullies en masse. And they don’t even wait for the bugs to die sometimes. It’s like watching The Walking Dead with insects…




8 thoughts on “Red Bug

  1. We once had to walk all the way home from a meal out with a beetle identical to ‘Red’ balanced on a piece of bark for no 2 son to keep as a pet. He lived in a ventilated jar with twigs and other stuff in for several weeks before disappearing. Our’s was called Beety – perhaps they’re related 😉

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