Rainy weekend…

All this sodding rain. I feel so sorry for the tourists. They come expecting views and sunshine, and what they get is the Rock shrouded in cloud and mist. However within each cloud is a silver lining… well for me.

The creepy crawlies love the rain. Snails in particular. And as I am very eager to learn how to master this macro lens, I donned my raincoat and went out for a walk once the rain had calmed down a bit.

There were many, many snails. I love them. Not to eat. Just to look at. And because they are slow (except their eyes, those they move at rocket speed) they make for a great model. Unlike ants, who really don’t relax or take breaks from their busy days to pose for photos…

Once I got sick of being damp and rained on, I went home and saw this snail. Seriously, I have never ever seen a snail like this on land before!


8 thoughts on “Rainy weekend…

  1. Seriously Amy! They are all over the place. I’ll bag some up and bring them back to you next time I go to Spain. I pick them out of my veg garden and have ace fun trying to throw them in the bin outside our house.

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    1. I have a weird slug / snail tip for you. Cat biscuits. In particular Go-Cat. We used to feed loads of strays in Malta and if we left the biscuits on the ground the snails / slugs would go crazy for them. I know they must be annoying from a growing veg perspective, but I think they are just so cute! 😀


      1. Beer. They like beer too. As, apparently do cockroaches. Not that my partner is partial to sharing his beer. I don’t mind snails. I don’t kill them, just remove them elsewhere, and no doubt overnight, they climb back up the garden wall and so we begin again 😀

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