Making actual mountains out of mole hills…

That macro lens that I’ve been lusting after for quite some time is now a part of my collection. I can’t tell you how excited I am to take it out. In the meantime you can see how I have been using Mr Peanuts cat grass as a model. I tried to use the cat, but he objects strongly to having a lens in his face.

Mr Peanut 

The cat grass is just regular grass in a pot. It grows really fast so I was forced to give it a trim. (It does smell like freshly mown lawn, which isn’t at all bad.) Also for any other folks with indoor cats I really recommend getting this stuff. Mr Peanut loves it. Yanks it (root and all) out of the pot and leaves it bitten and chewed all over the kitchen. Such a scamp.


Anyway it has been a great model, but I need to find some creepy crawlies to really test this lens…

If you are interested in seeing how others use this lens, check out these two FB groups, Gibraltar Olypmus Users and Olympus OM-D Worldwide Shooters.

And if you’re in Gibraltar or passing through check out Euro Electronics for lens details.

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