Architecture in Gibraltar

Looking down from Upper Town and across to Kings Wharf. In what must be the architects ideal light. It looks all creamy, and modern, and oddly soft. Melding into the misty background. I actually don’t mind this building. I’m still not 100% sure how I feel about its twin building going up next to it though. Goodbye views…



8 thoughts on “Architecture in Gibraltar

    1. There are a few more. Some are snuck away in the South District. And there’s a beautiful example halfway up the Rock, I think its actually something to do with the MOD, but its on my ‘if I win the lottery maybe I’ll try and buy it’ list 😊


      1. Oh,
        Well next time we come over we’ll have a look. Going to Malta this summer.
        Have you done an Art Deco photography post? If so I’ve not seen it. I’ve been following your blog since we visited Gibraltar in 2013. Hubby has been a few times with work 😉 Noisily flying round in grey planes 😉.
        Would be interested to see some of the other buildings.


      2. If you ever get the time to do a ‘specifically’ Art Deco shoot, that would be lovely. I’ve lost our photos of ‘The Rock’ hotel and the Fire Station.


      3. Fabulous!
        I look forward to that.
        Yes I’ve been to Malta before, beautiful 😊.
        I was also lucky enough to live in Cyprus for 2.5 years with work. I miss the smell, sounds and colours. Gibraltar reminded me of the Sovereign Base Area in Cyprus ! Loved it.

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      4. Malta is lovely and sunny. Have you ever been to Fontanellas in Mdina? If you haven’t been you should go. The cake there… OMG it is making my mouth water thinking about it 😀


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