Prickly customer

This week we spent an afternoon wandering around the Alameda Botanic Gardens. The weather was sunny, but not burn your face off hot. It was busy enough to make you feel like you were in on a great secret, but not so many people that you want to scream. And I had a fully charged camera with me…

First up I know very little about cactus. Except that I believe they don’t need a great deal of water and I wouldn’t want to fall on one. (See the inch long spikes for reasons as to why you wouldn’t want to use one as a cushion.) Oddly this weekend, when I popped to Carrefour with a friend, I saw this plant pot holder that reminded me of the round ‘squishy’ looking cactus. Is it just me?

What I do know for sure is I need a macro lens. These fascinating plants will be one of my first studies when I can zoom in on all the weird little bits with extreme clarity!

I do find it typical of nature to have created something very beautiful, but also pretty deadly at the same time. The flowers have weird waxy texture and the spikes, they are really, really sharp!

Make sure you visit the gardens if you get the chance, especially if your walking along Europa Road to or from town, it makes for a nicer walk than loads of speeding traffic!



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