Full Moon

Now we are facing a different way (away from the Rock) I have to wait till silly o’clock to be able to get photos of the moon. As someone with no training in photography,  I frequently ‘cheat’ and stick my camera on auto, but when it comes to Mr Moon, I will try over and over till I get my ideal shot, the one where you can zoom in and see craters. Actual craters on the surface of the moon, whilst I am in my PJ’s leaning out of the window! It never ceases to thrill me. Anyway this was the last full moon, (last week? I am losing track of the days and weeks) I hope you like zooming in as much as I do.


So I get my ‘floating moon’ shot and then I try and try and try to get the elusive picture of the moon and the landscape into one. Most of my previous efforts have been abject failures, and I have been told that to get the picture I long for I will need to photoshop it, but this is the latest effort… what do you think? (FYI I’d say it looks better on a bigger screen…)



Yes your eyes do not deceive you. Those floating dots are the moon and the bay, ships, docks. I know it needs work! Lol 😀

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