We went to the zoo!

This weekend we visited Castellar Zoo again. This is the joy of having guests. It isn’t as though we can’t go ourselves, but when you have people over I find you make more of an effort to go out and about. Last time we went (with another guest) it was back in January. It was chilly enough to require a woolly hat. This weekend it required a sun hat. And sun cream. Seriously it was very warm.  Anyway I love animals, so a visit to the zoo is always a winner in my book. And I love that a lot of the animals here are rescues. So a word of warning to anyone thinking of visiting; bring drinks, sunscreen, and patience. (I seriously can’t emphasize how many people there were there this weekend!


Castellar Zoo Info

6 thoughts on “We went to the zoo!

    1. It only takes half an hour to get there. Well worth a visit, and you can go to the old town / castle afterwards. It’s a scary drive to the castle, but well worth it! 🙂 FYI if the kids love animals, this zoo allows petting! It is awesome! 😀

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