Seriously my cloud obsession is veering dangerously into the realm of addiction. I shouldn’t joke, but the sky lately has been very active, and therefore rather beguiling.

It’s odd, growing up in England where you are very much treated to a more than healthy dose of cloud formations, I paid only a little bit of attention. I would enjoy a casual sunset. Maybe remark upon a bright day. But for the most part the sky was grey (it is mostly grey in England) and was usually leaking. Does it ever stop raining there?

Nowadays I do use a weather app, but the longer we are here, the more I can rely on my own skills of reading the clouds. It is rare that I get caught out by the rain. Now I have jinxed myself for sure, I am bound to get caught in some Gibraltar style monsoon in the next day or so…

But the other evening after a day of pouring rain, the clouds started to try and break apart, the sun started its descent and the effect was nothing short of mesmerizing. Mother Nature casting her spotlight over the bay…


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