Broken soul?

Now if the eyes are the window to the soul, or so the saying goes, I like to think that actual windows give you an insight into a buildings soul. If that is the case then this building needs a bit of love and attention. Even in its mangled state it still manages to look rather grand… The lines of it, the different levels. The added on extras as the people who have lived there needed more space. It all tells a story. And yes your eyes do not deceive you, this was one of the buildings featured in the recent GBC Viewpoint show. It is a huge shame to think this building is just rotting away, while people are living in adjacent buildings. It could be something really quite special if given the proper attention.

And rather alarmingly this building is braced in places and borders a public park, lets just hope it is tended to before it finally breaks into pieces and squashes someone!

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