Architecture and arty filters…

The Castle Steps area of Upper Town is getting a new lease of life. It is starting to look so good. It’s a pleasure to see these changes, because for me these buildings are the heart and soul of Gibraltar. I know times change and that more people need houses, but some of the new builds going up have to have been designed by someone with no vision, or at least no idea of what Gibraltar actually looks like. Not only are these high rises ugly, but they block the view to and from Gibraltar. Anyway to any developers out there, please start designing buildings that actually look like they belong here.

There was recently a programme aired on the GBC (watch here) that highlighted the epic neglect to some areas. The government needs to step up and enforce action, these buildings could help provide a solution to some of the housing issues here. Now if someone asked me where do I want to live, in a new build, high-rise modern building or a renovated old building, it would never be the modern one. I’d rather tackle an abundance of steps to reach home, when home has a history, and elegant design. Nobody comes to Gibraltar to see the new builds, they aren’t the kind of ‘Dubai-esque’ futuristic designs that have people flooding to photograph. It is the Rock, and the historic buildings that tell the story of Gibraltar that people come to see. Anyway rant over. I just hope that this programme makes people sit up and take notice. I hope that buildings are restored where possible, and if not restored, then replaced with a like-for-like building, because the longer we live here, the more I love it, and the more it starts to make you feel sad that parts of its wonderful character are being eroded for no good reason, other than laziness and the greediness of the people who hold the deeds to these fabulous old structures.


6 thoughts on “Architecture and arty filters…

  1. Yes, no matter which party is in power, Gibraltarian governments seem to be utterly blind to the fact that ripping down heritage in a place with such history is not the smartest move. If it was the UK you wouldn’t be able to touch properties in Main St and the inner city here without approval in triplicate from six planning committees. Look at the mess they made when they converted the former 55 club. Ugh.


    1. I just don’t understand it. Ever since our first walk around Upper Town we’ve been smitten. It’s beautiful. And you’re spot on, it would cause outcry in England. These new high rises are getting progressively worse. That car park catches the light nicely at sunset, but it looks like a cheese grater for the other 23 hours a day. And the thing going up next to it, it’s twice the height! And they don’t build anything to last, stuff that’s been up for a dozen years here already looks knackered and cheap. It really, really needs addressing!

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    1. I know! And just town. If you didn’t see that show, watch it online if you have the time too. It is so interesting, mind you there is an odd charm about some of the old buildings that are very worn / falling down, but they really should be salvaged before it is too late. 🙂

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