Join the Revolut(ion) gang


Living here in Gibraltar puts you into a unique situation quite frequently, which I agree makes zero sense. What do I mean? Well say you fancy a particular type of tapas, (or you need to visit Zara) you not only need to get your passport or ID to cross the border, you also need the correct currency.  Do you really want to be the person who has no change for a tip? Er no.

Up until a couple of weeks ago we were the same as most people. Either scheduling in a visit to a cash-point that dispenses euros or charging stuff to our bank card and suffering the exchange rate charges. Well this is a thing of the past for us. I have been contacted and converted. I am a Revolut-ionary. Nope seriously I am!

There are a heap of reasons why for all of us living here in Gibraltar this card and phone app makes amazing sense. But even if you’re just a frequent traveler, imagine having the local currency at the best exchange rate available to you in say the foothills of some distant branch of Zara mountains.  I could go on. What you do need is an iPhone or Android phone, and you need to click on this link, and go check out all the amazing details and information and assurances that this little card can give you. At the moment Revolut offer three balance currencies, GBP, USD and EUR, there are plans to add more. And it supports spending, and ATM withdrawals in 90 currencies. Handy for those of you off on your gap year travels.

Anyway, go and check them out, I think you’ll be as impressed as we were. I already know a few people who swear by this card, especially for holiday season. But for me, it just resonated with our situation, what with cross border workers and all of us venturing over the frontier every so often. It is going to become a permanent feature in my wallet 🙂

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