Playing at being the tourist…

A couple of weekends ago my very pregnant friend flew over to see us. She was making her last trip before baby number three arrives and she runs out of hands to control her growing brood 😉 We had an amazing weekend. Not only because we ate cheesecake at Cafe Rojo, but because the weather played ball.

It was hot. Like I actually peeled one of my layers off. We got the cable car up to the top of the Rock. Where the monkeys made us jump, and we enjoyed a bite to eat whilst taking in the amazing view from the safety of the cafe. No apes allowed. Haha. We walked down to Europa Point, where the air was so fresh and clear. And we also gambled, along with another friend, who had joined us for dinner. Now normally we would indulge in a spot of Bingo, but we didn’t have the energy for it, so we just found our lucky fruit / slot machine and I invested a grand sum of £3 and then I won £26.15! After my good fortune, I decided to invest a further £1, but the machine ate it, so we left still feeling like lottery winners.

We also managed to find time to sit on the sofa and watch a terrible movie. It was a great way to spend a weekend…

We also and I am wondering if this happened by chance, the kind of weather we have been getting or there was some higher power involved, got treated to some absolutely incredible sunsets… Anyway there are some pictures below 🙂


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