Back in Gibraltar

Well the first month of 2016 is almost up. It has been a fairly busy month. I spent some of it in England, where it actually snowed. No photos of snow, but lots of frost…

It was so cold, and I wont lie there was a part of me that enjoyed it. I do miss the seasons. But after a few days the novelty wears a bit thin, even when for the most part we had that glorious winter sun v’s biting cold. It did make me realise that I may well need a proper macro lens at some point in the future. Seriously how beautiful is nature, really, really close up?

Returning to Gibraltar gave me a chance to enjoy a flight (for once). I tell you the last few have left me feeling shaken and tearful. I am not a fan of turbulence. But we had an amazing tail wind, which got us home twenty-five minutes early and we didn’t experience a single bump along the way, my only panic came from landing on the wet runway. It felt like we were going to skid into the sea, at the western end of the runway, where you just drop into deep water. A very scary idea, for those of us who dare to let our minds wander there….

Also this month saw the return of ‘Bookclub’. This months book was ‘Everything I never told you‘, by Celeste Ng. An excellent book. Enjoyed and discussed by myself and the ladies. I always find it fascinating how we all read the same book, but take such different views. I for one, would give this book five stars. It was a page turner and makes you consider how you communicate, and also makes you question how things appear to others. The characters were all in their own ways so messed up. I wonder how February’s book will compare…

In other news, we keep getting earthquakes. (OK two, but over the last week or so.) Last night, Mr Peanut woke me up at around half past three. Cats don’t like earthquakes. He wouldn’t settle back down until after six in the morning and it was only when checking the local news did we find out that there had been an earthquake in the Strait. Scary stuff. Especially as our film last night was ‘San Andreas’. Which for those of you who haven’t watched it, is about the worlds biggest earthquake. It doesn’t end well for most of the people in the movie. If you can’t fly, or swim you are basically screwed. Weird thing was one of my friends thought it was her husband moving around in his sleep, and I thought it was furniture being dragged, there wasn’t any ‘noise’ more of a sensation of something big and not quite right happening. I tell you after watching that film and then it happening in real life, Mr BOTR has decided we shall watch Brewsters Millions tonight. Not a bad idea I think you’ll agree! 😉


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