Bored of clouds? Look away now…

Where have I been these past few weeks?

Hibernating, and as you can see, still taking advantage of our view of the sunset. But mostly hibernating. It is winter after all. We are starting to resent that new building near Regal House. Not only has it blocked our view, they’ve now clad it in what I can only describe as the worlds largest cheese grater. And the design is all weird. Maybe once the building is done it will suddenly gel together and work, but so far it is so ugly. And I can’t imagine that is going to weather that well.

Anyway enough grumpiness, it is after all nearly Christmas. I have completed my shopping. I am now onto the best part; wrapping. I love wrapping. I just don’t understand people who don’t take some kind of weird pleasure in all the folding and the legitimate excuse to shout at sellotape. And this year, just after Christmas our friend flies in for a week and a bit. He is here to see a Gib new year. We shall be down in Casemates Square. And this year I am NOT drinking. I will see in January 1st with a clear head. Well that is the plan….

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