Mostly it is going to be about the sky.

A week or so ago we had the pleasure of showing my mums friends around Gibraltar on an odd tour of quirky sights. We also stopped off for lunch at Cafe Rojo. My mums pals were visiting just for the day as they were mid-cruise. It was a great day, and a genuine reason to indulge in cheesecake!

We took them up to the apartment to show off the view, and Mr Peanut, who actually came out from under the bed (he is well versed in ‘stranger danger’) and we had a coffee before we dragged them off for a hike around upper town.  I bet the local tour company doesn’t fixate on the escalators, old gate house and painted steps, that is just how we crazy folk roll. Anyway after that we got a bus down to Europa Point, to a) show off that beautiful view and b) have a coffee. That number 2 bus route has got to be the best for views in Gibraltar I think. Some of the sights from the bus are amazing. My travel sickness not being one of them! 😉

As the evenings are drawing in, our visit coincided with sunset. This is the reason for the post, is it just me or have we been having some a-maz-ing skies of late?

Sure we have had rain. (The roof is currently being repaired, fingers crossed this time it is sorted, because the wet plaster smell is making me ill!) And the Levante has blocked any winter sun, but it has made for some serious #cloudporn during sunset…

Anyway I feel you all deserve an up-to-date picture of Mr Peanut. Who is now the size of a small tiger. Ahhhh.

Mr Peanut, possibly the longest cat in Gibraltar.

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