Winter is back…

My friends in the UK and well anywhere other than the Med, roll their eyes and chuckle when I moan about the winters here. Sure we don’t get blistering cold, or snow, or frost but we do get rain. Rain so heavy you wonder if the Rock will stay standing.

Actually that isn’t such a silly thing to wonder about as we did have a landslide on Europa Road after the heavy rainfall a week or so ago.  On that very day I had to make a trip outside. And I, like most of Gibraltar got soaked to the skin.

Quite literally.

The rain went through my many layers to my underwear. It was not a nice experience. I even went home mid-errands, but decided against getting changed as it seemed to me, that why have to wash two sets of sodden clothes, when you can make do with one? So I stayed in my soaked jeans (literally wet look denim, yay I’m in fashion again!) and got on with stuff.

Being a semi-decent person I called my friend and said I was going out and did she need anything? She did. I jotted her shopping list down and made my way to the shops. Whilst I was out swimming walking around in the rain, my route took me across Queensway Road, and I kid you not it had flooded to such a degree the water went over my Wellington boots. I would have taken a picture or filmed it, but I a) didn’t want to stick around because of the weather b) didn’t want to get my phone wet and c) didn’t fancy my chances of not getting swept away in the tidal waves created by the speeding vehicles along Queensway Road. By the time I got to Morrison’s I realised I was actually soaked and vowed to enjoy the weather on the way home.

I squelched around Morrison’s. I even chuckled when the lady on the till asked if it was raining . I walked back via my friend’s office. She gasped and laughed when she saw how soaked through I had gotten. I spent the remainder of my journey splashing in puddles, laughing to myself, and hoping my purchases weren’t getting too wet inside my rucksack… I must have looked very special.

And then I came home.

To rain in our apartment.

Yep we have sprung a few leaks. But more on that later, once we have gotten it fixed. It is quite the experience I can tell you.

The silver lining from these quite literal clouds has been the amazing sunsets we have had. Whilst I have been absent from WordPress, I have been ‘micro-blogging’ on the Facebook page and Instagram. But a few nights ago it looked as though the sky was on fire. Ironic really as those clouds are laden with pesky rain drops!



2 thoughts on “Winter is back…

  1. I’ve been seeing all of the photos/videos that everyone’s been posting on facebook and the weather looks so so awful! Oh dear i’m sorry about your apartment!! I hope the weather’s on the up now? Ace sun set shots! I do miss them!


    1. Hey Maisie!

      We miss your face on Main Street. The weather has dried up a little, its been overcast. We’ve got new leaks now! Lol. It’s not funny really, but if you don’t laugh you might well kill people… or is that just me? 😉 Yeah the sunsets have been amazing, it almost makes the Levante worth it! Hope you’re keeping well chick xx


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