La Sala Restaurant, Sunborn Yacht – Gibraltar

So last week I got a very interesting email. Would I like to come in and have lunch aboard the Sunborn at La Sala Restaurant? Hmmm let me think… Where do I sign up? 😀

Now normally when I write a review for somewhere, I have been in on the down low and I feel I am getting the same experience as everyone else. But this was a bit different, so I took Mr BOTR as I wanted another perspective and set of eyes to observe how things were done, also I didn’t want to eat there alone! It is way to nice a place not to share the experience…

So this Sunday just gone, we went over to Ocean Village (thankfully the rain had ceased) and made our way up to La Sala. Now for regular readers you will know that we went to the launch party. (Where I crippled myself on vodka cocktails.) It was very glam affair, and we wondered if we would ever get around to trying the restaurant. Not eating meat (and me being a bit scared of fish) means we stick with the places we know, or cook at home. I know, it sounds boring but it works for us! Well we have somewhere super fancy to add to our list of ‘safe places’ to go eat now.

La Sala is a place where you can totally get dressed up. Which isn’t to say that you can’t go in there dressed down, but I think really fancy places are few and far between in Gibraltar. Not only could you go there for your evening meal, you could quite easily spend the rest of your night in there at the bar. Or the casino downstairs.

Now we were invited for lunch, and as it was a Sunday there was also the choice of a roast dinner. Which from the examples we saw coming out of the kitchens looked pretty spectacular. But we ended up going with the al a carte menu.

So where we were sitting we had a good view of the runway, two military helicopters taking off were the light entertainment 😉 , as well as a live singer. Who was a bit too loud  if I am honest, (clearly I am getting old) we could just about hear ourselves, but I wouldn’t have wanted to sit any closer to the speakers. The tables are set with lovely fresh linens and really pristine silverware. And yes I do look at these things! Is there anything as off putting a smudgy looking cutlery?

Before we arrived Mr BOTR had told me that the menu was on-line. But I didn’t take a peep at it. So I honestly don’t know what I was expecting. But this is a place for fish and meat fans. So many dishes!! (There are also a handful of dishes that are good for vegetarians, but I am not sure about vegans or people with dietry requirements, I would suggest looking at the menu on-line or speaking to the staff at the restaurant beforehand.)

Before we got our starter, we were given fresh bread and these very cute and extremely tasty ‘shots’ of gazpacho. I didn’t eat too much of the bread, just one white roll, (I needed to leave room for three courses) but Mr BOTR tried a few types and said they were all really good. (Alas they were eaten before I thought to take a picture!)


My starter was steamed asparagus with a soft poached egg and gratinated Hollandaise sauce. (I confess I googled gratinated before ordering.) It was good. Really good. The asparagus was cooked to perfection.InstagramCapture_ee07d180-fc36-4b02-b3ad-6d077eb44b7aMr BOTR ordered a smoked salmon starter. To be precise a ‘smoked salmon parcel’. I would love to watch this being made. (La Sala does your website have a video function? Post this if it does!) It looks really intricate, but I bet there is a cool trick to it. Basically it is your salad wrapped up in the fish, so when it arrives it looks like a fillet of beef! The sauce is on the side, and the salad is dressed inside the parcel as well, and I am told it was ‘very, very good’.

WP_20151011_14_12_38_Pro WP_20151011_14_13_27_ProSo next up was the main course. Seriously I could have gone for something really different. But you know when something catches your eye and you just think ooh it has been ages since I had that…

WP_20151011_14_35_45_RichYeah so I succumb to fish and chips! Such an adventurous eater! There was so much more for me to pick from. Thai green curry, three types of salad, several fish dishes, pasta dishes. But I saw the fish and chips and was sold! The piece of fish was huge, the batter was just the right side of rich and the tartar sauce was perfection, and it made a lovely dip for my chips as well. However there was a twist. The mushy peas (of which I am a massive fan) had mint in them. Now if I had read this menu selection properly I would have been like, ‘What!? Hmm I’ll get that taken off, who puts mint in their mushy peas?’ I am so glad that I didn’t because it just gave them such an unusual kick. I think this is the way forward from now on.

Now for main course Mr BOTR decided to go for the pan-fried Cajun swordfish. He has had swordfish in a few places. I never have. I had a bite of it. I shall be tempted to order this dish in future. Fish and spicy, consider me converted, I am normally dubious of combining the two. As you can see from the picture it was presented so nicely. The portion was huge. When we go back I know if I do order this, I will end up giving half of it to Mr BOTR!

WP_20151011_14_34_42_RichOnce we had finished our main course I felt as though I might burst, but we decided to go for dessert as well. I am greedy, what else can I say?

For dessert I was torn between the chocolate brownie or the apple crumble. Apple crumble won, because I like to kid myself into thinking it is a bit healthy… You know, one of my five portions of dessert fruit a day! Mr BOTR had the brownie.

WP_20151011_15_21_06_Rich WP_20151011_15_19_29_RichSo the food was all fabulous. And all during the meal we were watching others diners food come out (those roast dinners look amazing) and we were watching the staff. (I hope they weren’t to creeped out by us!) I was a bit scared we would get ‘special treatment’ because we had been asked to come, but hand on heart the staff were just as attentive with everyone else as they were with us. They are helpful, friendly and professional. They are always observing the room to see if anyones drink is low, or if they want anything extra, or if they are enjoying the meal, not just a ‘is everything ok?’ but ‘what did you like best?’ ‘Did it need more ‘x-y-z’?’ . It was very nice to see such attention to detail and I think it makes you feel like a very valued customer.

So in summary if you want a glam lunch or dinner put La Sala on your list! If you are going to stay at the Sunborn, you must eat there at least once, or you will be missing out!

We shall be back for sure.

Thanks again for the invite! 🙂

La Sala Restaurant

Sunborn Yacht, Ocean Village, Gibraltar

Telephone: 00 350 200 16 870




2 thoughts on “La Sala Restaurant, Sunborn Yacht – Gibraltar

  1. Hi Amy. I got the same email. I sent a reply explaining we were vegetarian/vegan. I’m still waiting for the reply. I may have mentioned free-range eggs and animal rennet in cheese so maybe that scared them off. Or perhaps it was when I said no veg lasagna, veg curry, or veg stir-fry. It’s today’s equivalent of a cheese omelette.

    Thought you abandoned the fish at one point?


    1. I did abandon fish for a little while. To be honest I don’t eat it very often. I am not very keen on it, I like plain tasting fish, not super fishy fish. So I have to really fancy it… I do get the guilts after I eat it, so I think it will go entirely from my diet very soon.
      I know what you mean about a lack of choices, but that Thai veg curry looked lovely you know… ;-D


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