Paris. Part 5…

So my final Paris post. (Yes breathe a sigh of relief, holiday bragging is almost OVER.) I just wanted to share a final few photographs that either stood out to me as showing how pretty Paris is, or how unique it is, or the amazing architecture (of which there is an abundance) or that didn’t quite fit into my earlier posts. Whilst I didn’t find it an overly romantic place (sorry Mr BOTR 😉 ) it is somewhere I very much want to visit again, it is lovely to walk down the river, and I can see how young hearts might stir or flutter with such a beautiful backdrop…

For someone who used to enjoy shopping, we mostly kept away from the shops, and in Paris there are flagship stores for some of my all time favourite designers…

Mr BOTR insisted on showing me The Galeries Lafayette. Which had I heard about, but have never even seen a picture of. (Seriously what have I been doing with my time?) We visited the day after we killed my feet, now if I hadn’t been wincing with foot / blister pain, and if it hadn’t been so busy (I could very nearly have started my French criminal record. Dear fellow tourists, learn to say ‘excuse me’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, or so help me God I will break you) I would have liked to have a look around and get some better pictures of this ‘upmarket chain store’ (Selfridges, get your game face on). How is this ‘just a shop’? It looks like a palace. And they have more security on the doors, checking your bag as you walk in, then they do at Gib airport. Crazy!

Right next door to that is Printemps. Hello pretty. Amazing window displays. So much less crowded. And just look at the building… and the awning over the pavement was decorated with roses (I think)  and fairy lights (constantly twinkling).

Another amazing shopping area (keeping it in mind for when we win the Euromillions) is Place Vendome. It is like a film set. I will purchase a Rolex from there. I will. I will. Lol.

As we were out walking all day, every day, we had lunch on the go. One day we stopped at this very yummy sushi place and sat on the minimalistic benches chomping on rice and noodles (walking is hard work) and the buildings opposite caught my eye. This is exactly what I mean by unique architecture. An old kind of style, but simultaneously brand new and modern, all tinted glass fascia and it just works so well, you get this modern update, without losing the character of the street / place. (Gibraltar planning committee please take note!)


At the other end of the spectrum was this amazing building, which was ‘living’. I have no idea what it housed or why it has plants, and not bog standard climbing plants growing all over it. But we #selfied the hell out of it, as did everyone else who went by.

And so I must draw my Paris blog posts to a close. If you haven’t been, you should think about adding it to your list of places to visit, there really is so much to see and do! If you have been, what did you enjoy seeing or doing? Any tips for a future trip on things I missed are very welcome!


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