Paris. Part 3…

One of the busiest places we visited, and this was on our first evening there, was the Notre Dame Cathedral. This was my first ‘big’ Paris sight. Now I have a confession I have never seen the Disney film, with the hunchback fellow, and know nothing about the history. All I do know about it, is that saying ‘the bells, the bells’. So we obviously took a #selfie and posted it to Facebook under that heading.WP_20150926_19_19_52_Pro

The cathedral isn’t what I would call beautiful, it is striking, magnificent and truly imposing, especially when you factor in the fine detail. All those scary / creepy faces. One day I will have a read on who designed it, where the saying ‘the bells, the bells’ came from and also how long it took to build. I have to agree with numerous others though, it is a must see in Paris. When we visited there was weirdly a group of guys in wigs and hospital gowns with their bottoms out. Bit of a weird venue to do that, but hey ho I guess that is the power of alcohol!

The day where we covered 35k steps we walked to the Arc de Triomphe. It was night-time and dark by the time we got there. I think next time (huge hints being dropped here Mr BOTR 😉 ) we visit, I would like to see it during the day, or I would like to remember to pack my camera tripod. How annoyed with myself was I that I forgot to put that in my suitcase? Answer: very.

So there we are, this famous monument camera phones out, (minus the selfie stick, which are everywhere in Paris) sure enough the pictures were OK. But I wanted some that showed the detail. Thankfully the monument does have spot lights, and all around it (on the opposite side of the road) are trees. I wedged myself against a tree to steady my camera and I tried very hard to get an ‘arty shot’. Not easy when you’ve walked 15 miles, you’re hungry and tired. But this is what I got. I don’t think I did too badly._9276046


I guess the most famous landmark in Paris is the Eiffel Tower. Now Mr BOTR was not that impressed when he last visited it.

“It just looks like a big load of rust”

Were his actual words to me, when I expressed an interest in seeing it myself.  Whilst I don’t think it is a romantic sight, many of my lady friends will argue it is, (when it is all lit up at night, it is very, very attractive to see on the horizon.) I think it is a really beautiful and intricate structure. I didn’t see it till our second full day, well I saw it from the distance on the first day, but up close it is just so much more detailed than I expected. And top tourist tip: things are way more expensive around there. (Big surprise.) Any future Paris-discovering-tourists reading this, simply by crossing the street you will save yourself €2-4 on crepes and drinks! Outrageous prices. (I am getting old or frugal or both.) We sadly didn’t see anyone proposing under the tower, and as neither of us wanted to go up it we bid it farewell, but not before it got all sparkly! Maybe next time…P9276014



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