Paris. Part 2…

We didn’t go to Paris knowing there was a cat cafe. Oddly we made this discovery when I checked in at the hotel on the WiFi, it came up as a nearby location. As soon as we discovered it though we knew we would be paying it a visit! The day we went to the cat cafe for lunch, we actually visited Père Lachaise Cemetery first (if the cemetery proved too gloomy,the  cats would perk us back up 😉 ). I will admit this isn’t everyone’s idea of holiday fun, but it is where Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison are buried. It is a huge cemetery. And extremely beautiful and as is to be expected, very peaceful! There are huge trees, cobbled paths and enormous crows, it is very cinematic and dramatic during the day. I wouldn’t want to visit at night, because I scare quite easily…

The grave of Oscar Wilde was covered in kisses up until recently, it has been cleaned up, but people have started kissing the little area they can access. It’s a bizarre custom and one I didn’t indulge in! Even more bizarre and unhygienic was Jim Morrison’s grave. After the bust of his head was stolen from the grave, a railing has been erected. This is adorned with wristbands and hair bands, all fine and dandy, the tree next to it though is covered in old chewing gum. I nearly gagged when I saw, and so did a fellow visitor. Have a look at the pictures. What do you think? Is spat out, old gum a fitting tribute?

So after visiting Père Lachaise Cemetery we headed back to our hotel, and the cat cafe. Now those of you who are familiar with the blog will be aware that ‘crazy cat lady’ can and does apply to me. So there wasn’t a chance that we weren’t going to visit 15 cats and have some yummy food. The cafe is home to the cats and they are all rescues. The day we went it was adoption day, so lots of little kittens were being given new homes, all of these were from the same shelter as the cafe’s residents.

When you arrive you have to sanitize your hands, and you’re told the three rules of being a guest there. 1) Don’t disturb a sleeping cat, 2) Don’t feed the cats, 3) If you can prevent them from taking your food please do so. Now as we are vegetarian, it was unlikely that the cats were going to bother us for our grub.

Grilled Aubergine burger with salad and sauteed potatoes.
Grilled Aubergine burger with salad and sautéed potatoes.

They did however terrorise the ladies on the table next to us. At one point they had three cats all trying to grab the sliced meat from their platter. Eventually a large tabby cat was successful in his mission, he nabbed a massive chunk of meat and guess where he brought it to eat?

Yep. Under our table.

There was one guy who was also so popular with the cats, that as soon as one vacated his lap, another jumped up for a cuddle / sleep.

The cafe was really lovely, the food fab, and it was very clean, so many people asked if it smelt of ‘cat’, it just smelt like food and cleaning products if I am honest. I would definitely recommend going if you are a moggy fan!

Details on the cat cafe can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Paris. Part 2…

  1. Père Lachaise is amazing isn’t it? We managed to visit on the everything is free day in September 🙂 There used to be an armed guard at Jim Morrison’s to stop people desecrating/stealing. I take it that’s gone now? Good selection of photos Amy.

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