Day trip to Ronda

During Dads week here we spent a few days wandering over the border. But we mostly stuck to the local area. My Dad who loathes shopping, actually like Carrefour, and as they are by far the cheapest place to get coffee, I took him there a day or so before National Day. I do love a place where you can get lunch, buy a car tire and coffee under one roof. (I didn’t buy a car tire BTW, it is just nice to have the option.) And the walk back is just beautiful. WP_20150909_18_34_39_Pro

We also got food one evening in La Linea. We asked Dad where he would like to go for a day trip, and we suggested Tarifa or Ronda. He picked Ronda. I think it was the idea of train journey. Not only are the trains in Spain a dream to ride around on, but the views on that route are just incredible.

Ronda was still as gorgeous as ever. Those buildings on that cliff face don’t get any less impressive. Last time we went I had a massive headache, thankfully this time I was in rude health. Which meant I actually enjoyed the food as well as the surroundings.

We had a fabulous lunch at Puerta Grande, make sure you check out the Trip Advisor page for details. We had vegetarian paella, salad and massive brownies for desert. I was so hungry that I only got pictures of the brownies. But all of the food was amazing. And the restaurant was really nice, with lovely staff. We will be going back for sure!WP_20150911_16_08_41_Pro

We spent the day without any firm plans and just wandered around, took pictures and ate ice cream. And Dad soaked up the thirty plus degree sunshine. The heat in Ronda is that lovely dry heat. So although you know its mega hot, you aren’t pouring sweat. He loved it. Mind you it’s probably the last bit of real heat he’ll get this year. I always seem to forget just how crap the weather is in England…

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