National Day 2015

This year Dad flew in again for National Day. He arrived on the Monday night and National Day was on the Thursday, so we had a few days prior and a few days after of ‘holiday mode’ behaviour.

This year we saw the balloons again. I didn’t fancy taking my camera. Last year I did get some OK shots but the square is so busy, I get bumped around by people and the idea of my camera getting damaged or broken makes me want to cry.  So I took my new camera phone, which I think got enough detail. This year there were little planes doing a fly by (who on their way home got arrested for flying into Madrid’s airspace).WP_20150910_12_57_24_Pro And they also put on a display later in the afternoon / early evening.

Now the balloons I used to enjoy, until I got sent some horrifying details about how they kill sea creatures, birds and other wildlife. So whilst they look fun, they actually need to stop being released. I am sure there is another way the Government can find to represent all the people of Gibraltar.

Before the balloons come the political speeches. Ian Paisley you are very loud. Other speakers, you were not. That is all I have to say about them. It’s always the same message. The right to choose your own destiny, which should be standard behaviour nowadays anyway, but when the message tumbles from a politicians lips I just wonder what power / money it would take to sway them from their ‘promises’. Anyway there was also a smoke release again, except someone loaded a green cartridge. Why was that?WP_20150910_13_11_34_Pro

After the Casemates shenanigans, we fought walked over to Ocean Village and lunch in O’Reilly’s. WP_20150910_13_04_51_Pro

It was nice to catch up with people we haven’t seen in ages, and we also saw a little terrier dog trying out his owners lunch. Which amused me no end.That is a fillet steak in front of that dog. I know.

After lunch we came home and relaxed, stuffed full of food and knowing we had the fire works to watch a few hours later none of us could be bothered to do much. So books were read and naps were taken!

Around half past nine with a fully charged camera battery we made our way up Europa Road, got a great spot where I could watch / photograph to my heart’s content and then we and many others spent about 20 minutes ooohing and ahhhhhing. Once again the fireworks were my absolute favourite part of the days entertainment!




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