If you have been on Twitter or Instagram you’ll have seen this rather bizarre hashtag. It is up with CakePorn, FoodPorn, SunsetPorn. I guess ‘porn’ doesn’t just mean nudey people anymore. Oh wow, I am showing my age.

Anyway this post does in fact contain some serious #cloudporn.

The past few days we have had some serious Levante cloud.

Growing up in England you think you know humid. You don’t. Humid is Gibraltar (and Malta in some ways, but even there you normally get a bit of a breeze). But here, it is like the air is sucked out of the place. EVEN when the wind is raging, it doesn’t seem to change the fact you can’t stop sweating or catch your breath. The past 48 hours have been particulary bad. I walked into the South District on both Saturday and Sunday (twice each day, cat sitting once again!) and when I got home I was dripping wet with sweat, it went beyond disgusting into a whole other realm of vile. I did, I will admit get rained on very slightly whilst I was out. But even the rain hissed and steamed as it hit the pavement. It didn’t offer that refreshing coolness as summer rain sometimes can, it just seemed to add another layer of mugginess. It was not good.

But Friday we escaped to the sunny climes of La Linea. It was also hot and sticky there, but not quite as bad as Gibraltar. And it also afforded us a rather glorious view of the cloud.

No photoshop is involved in these pictures. The cloud really does just sit there looking a bit bizarre and lost. It is quite unlike anything I have ever seen, which is why I can’t help but stop and take pictures when it appears. Even after four years it doesn’t get old. Mind you the constant sweating and not being able to breathe gets old very quickly…


4 thoughts on “#CloudPorn

  1. We were stupid enough to put the car through a car wash on Saturday – then it rained that horrid, dirty rain again yesterday….yes, we are sweating it out over here in Spain too!


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