Great Service

My very first Olympus camera I got about four years ago. It has been used a lot. It’s just a simple point and shoot, but it has a brilliant zoom on it and the picture quality is fabulous, so when it started to get ‘sticky’ a little while back I got a bit concerned that it’s days were numbered.

I went off down Main Street to speak to my camera people. Now when you are nosey and ask a lot of question like I do, you can gain bits of information that can save you doing something reckless like disposing of your ‘dying’ camera. I went to our camera shop, Euro Electronics. This is where I get all of my camera stuff. From the lenses to bags. These guys have it covered! They are also very helpful and happen to be the agents for Olympus here in Gibraltar. I mentioned the sticky zoom and slow reactions and they said bring it in and we will send it off to be serviced. Who knew this service existed?

So a day or so later I popped back with the camera. We removed the lens cap, battery and SD card and they sent it off.  Not having done this before I wondered how long it would take to get back here, but about two weeks later we had a call and I went to pick up the camera from the shop, and low and behold it is as good as new.

Now there isn’t as far as I know a set fee, it all depends on what you need to have fixed I guess. But I would definitely recommend sending any of your Olypmus stuff off through the shop to be tended to, as the service is quick and easy and you have a person to speak to, rather than a faceless courier company.

If you want any further information pop into the shop 🙂

Euro Electronics

246 Main Street, Gibraltar

Telephone: 00 350 20075192

Mr Peanut ‘helping’ with the pictures…

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