It’s a monkey!

Walking back from the stadium last night, (I was taking team photos of FC Hound Dogs, I most certainly wasn’t doing any exercise in this heat) I came upon a troop of apes. I haven’t seen any in town for close on to a year. And these furry dudes were inside of the MOD base, foraging for goodness knows what. There was one ‘teenager’ one, who was acting out. Irritating other members of the gang and generally being a pest. His mum (or dad) was not having any of it.

Fortunately I had my camera with me to record the serious telling off the adolescent ape got, but alas because I am a chicken (once they’ve pulled your hair, pinched your chocolates and thrown your new books across a street, you tend not to want to get up close and personal with them) I was reluctant to get too close, so forgive the slight blurriness in some of the shots, they were taken from a ‘safe’ distance and through a chain-link fence…

Once teen-ape got his telling off he went back to foraging, meekly looking to his parent as if for confirmation he was now behaving himself…

It was so funny. Then they all looked my way, so I made a swift getaway!

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