The scenic route

This past week I have been cat sitting, I might have mentioned that on an earlier post. Anyway there are several routes to get to my friend’s house.

All of them involve hills.

Some of these hills are just gradients on the surface of the earth, but others are actual ways to kill a person.

Case in point Withams Road. Or as I like to call it, ‘Bitchin’ Hill’. I hate walking up that road. It’s narrow, people have no choice but to drive fast(ish) because gravity takes a hold of their cars / bikes and throws them down it.

Another route is Scud Hill. This way has uneven steps created for someone with tiny legs or very long legs, but not my legs. So you end up feeling like you are stumbling uphill. And then there is South Barrack Ramp which you have to climb on the final stretch and that is just plain brutal after Scud Hill.

Or there is Europa Road, which is just evil.It gets steeper each time I walk it. I swear it really does.

No my ‘hill’ of choice is the ‘gentle’ (but equally as brutal, you just don’t notice it as much as you are distracted by the scenery) slopes of the Alameda Botanic Gardens.

Ah it has been lovely to stroll through them of an evening…

The flowers, the birds, the random chickens… The sounds from the zoo. It is always a pleasure to take a stroll around there. And the views are gorgeous, so long as the mist / Levante  aren’t obscuring them, but even then it’s still one of my favourite places in Gibraltar 🙂

2 thoughts on “The scenic route

  1. Will never forget the walk or should I say climb up that hill to The Rock Hotel when we were staying there last year. Murder.


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