That is not a shark…

So we’ve been back a little over a week, we’ve attended a surprise 60th birthday party and I am back on the cat sitting circuit. And the moggy is situated right down in the south district so not just cat sitting, I am also getting regular (albeit for a week) exercise. Good times. Because of getting back from feeding said moggy quite late yesterday evening, I asked MR BOTR if he fancied going to ‘Cinema in the Park’. Lots of people have been talking about how cool it is. And I have to agree a film in the open air (after the sun goes down, it cools quite nicely in Commonwealth Park) really appeals. So we checked amongst our peers on Facebook as to what was showing, ‘Jaws,’ says Mr BOTR, I haven’t seen it in years, so we grabbed a towel to sit on, and off we went.

Firstly I am going to be negative. I get wanting some room to sit down in, and I totally approve of getting somewhere early to mark your territory, but seriously some people had carpeted more square metres of that park with towels, than we have throughout our apartment, and it left NOWHERE for anyone else to sit. So next time we go I am going to be that weirdo who sits on YOUR towel if you have decided to take over more than two square metres for yourself. No one person needs that much room to sit and watch a film. Not even me, and I detest people being ‘in my zone’.

Other than that, it was really nice. There were snack stalls, and a van with pizza. And it was such a mixed bunch of folks. Old, young, girls, boys. Young kids, which even though the special effects are bit out of date, I still thought was quite brave to show them a shark eating people…

Then the credits started, a cheer went up from the crowd. This wasn’t a shark movie. It was much worse than that, and far scarier, it was Dirty Dancing, so we made a hasty retreat home!


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