Pool Party…

It hasn’t just been hot this past week or so, it has been ridiculous. If I had thought to, I am sure I could have cooked an egg on the pavement. But I couldn’t think, because the heat has been melting my brain. Obvious signs of it being ‘too hot’, our feather friends have been panting, or what looks like panting, breathing with their mouths open! Now I’m no bird expert, but in all my years watching our feathered friends I have never ever seen this before. I felt I needed to help them cool down…

So with about 6 litres of water and my ‘foot bowl’ (washed before use, don’t worry) I made a little pool for the birdies. Not only do they quench their thirst (our resident seagull can often be seen drinking from it) but the pigeons took it one step further and started bathing in it…

We have been toying with idea of getting a pool for the roof, but I know if we do, we will just surrender it to the birds…. So we shall make do with the AC for now!

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