Erm, excuse me, I’m hungry!

Each morning I get awoken by Peanut for breakfast. Cats are very routine. So as it happens, are seagulls. Every day now our resident gull pecks on the door or window to get my attention for food. If I am in another room when he does it, Peanut comes and gets me. I don’t know if this is because he likes the bird, or because the bird scares him, but either way it gets the same result! And instead of flying off when I go out, he now escorts me to the ‘feeding zone’ shooing off any pigeons who thought they would like some crumbs as well, and waiting for me to dish up the bread or crackers that I have in my ‘bird bag’. Once he has had his fill, other birds are welcome to eat whats left. Not other gulls though. Oh no. They are seen off. This is his roof and they will not be permitted. The racket he makes if anyone is foolish enough to land…

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