A fairly good excuse…

Where have I been? Erm at home mostly. Hiding indoors with AC on. It is so damn hot and humid. But seriously, I would have blogged if I had been able. But our ram got loose. Yes I know that this sounds like a small farming incident, but I have been assured it is in fact also a real thing in computer land. So our PC has been at the clinic, getting its ram sorted out. It is all better now, hence here I am!

This week or rather past ten days has mostly been about cats. Visiting them. Playing with them. Feeding them. Petting them. I think I am almost fully qualified to be a crazy cat lady. Some would argue I had that in the bag ages ago…

I have been cat sitting my friends Persian. Man alive is she a diva. (The cat, not my friend! 😉 ) You do things her way, or you will do them again and again until they are right. This is why I like cats, they make you work for their affection. I have had ten days or thereabouts of breakfast and dinner, and afternoon visits thrown in for good measure. I think we’ve bonded. She’s certainly been vocal about anything that hasn’t been up to her standards. And she eats with her hands, which is beyond cute and amusing. Check out my instagram for the video!

In other cat news…

Peanut is coming along nicely.

He decided to jump into the toilet mid-flush earlier. He was not at all impressed. I had to pacify him by putting a load of washing on, so he could watch it whirl round and round. I have never known a cat so obsessed with water. He spends ages in the bath, and the sink, and the floor is covered with little wet paw prints from time to time. It is also worth mentioning that he is the naughtiest kitten I have ever met. He likes to inspect everything we are going to eat, if he likes it, he’ll wait with big eyes till you offer him some. If he smells it and finds it wanting, he whacks it with his paw in disgust, you must have lightning fast reactions to save your forkful of food from being skittled. We’ve also discovered that to entertain him (which he needs a lot of) we can just roll our blinds up and let him watch the birds. Seagulls are his favourite. He goes crazy when they land on the terrace. He runs along the window with his belly low to the ground, doing his best commando impression. Pigeons he watches with some interest, but mostly they catch his attention when they fly by, or as has happened a lot lately, into the window, the poor birds.

Talking of things flying around, I am utterly convinced we have ghost. The AC unit in the bedroom keeps switching itself on and off, and always at bizarre o’clock, there is no rhyme or reason to it. Considering the amount of power cuts we have had, and also that it only got switched on at the wall recently, after who knows how long without use, I find it hard to believe it has remembered any previous settings. Also it beeps a lot. Like it has a troubled soul. If anyone can recommend a way to a) stop it doing this or b) a very open-minded priest to perform an exorcism on the blasted thing, I would be most grateful. At this time of the year it is on sporadically during the day, but it is when it gets it into its head to switch on randomly at night beeping so loudly that coma patients have awoken and the local rooster starts to crow it really rather grates.

Just in case you guys do know anything about AC it is a MSH-18HRIN1 ac unit and the remote is a R71A/E model. Seriously help me. I just want to reset it, so it comes on when we tell it to, not to its own bizarre schedule. It really is slowly making me crazy…




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