Food, glorious food…

Well any of you that stop by on a regular basis know I that I love my grub. LOVE IT. I like trying new food (within reason, no eyeballs, no bugs, no fish with bones still in it) and last Saturday saw the return of the Calentita food festival. Yum o’clock.

Once again I was mesmerised by the sheer volume of people not just attending, but queuing at the Moroccan pinchito stall. People, come on, whilst that blend of spices is pretty darned amazing, (works like a dream with quorn FYI) it’s not like you can’t get your hands on it any day of the week! This event offers you the chance to sample some really quirky dishes. So with that in mind, that is sort what we did…

Now that both of us are meat free we were curious to see what was on offer for people who don’t eat the flesh of beasts. Quite a lot as it happens. Vegans I am not so sure of though. Sorry Vegans.

Our first stop was at the Indian stall. I know, this is a type of food that we can eat any day of the week (glass houses and all that), but we knew people on the stall and the proceeds went to charity so we purchased (and consumed before thinking to take a picture) some onion bhajis. Which were pretty darned delicious!

Next up we decided to have a wander around and see what there was on offer. Around Casemates was nothing but food and drink stalls and in the centre a stage where local dance schools performed. Through the walls to Market Place there were more food stalls, a big grill, and craft stalls…. And about a squillion people. It was so busy. Yet we still managed to find our friends and bump into a whole host of other folks we hadn’t seen in a little while. Not a bad result all told.

So as a group we sampled Nepalese, Greek, Indian, German and I want to say French cuisine. Seriously the macaroons were amazing, but I totally forgot what stall I got them from. Either way we all went home in a very good mood and full of food! 😀

So as you can see we sampled quite a few dishes. The prices it needs to be mentioned, are so good, it really does make sense to try out new food without having to commit to an entire meal 😉

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