A bit over a week, isn’t bad…

So here we are again. And I am asking myself what have I been doing since I last posted?

This past weekend, Mr BOTR and several of his football team went over to Portugal to watch the Gibraltar / Germany game. They hired a villa with a pool, all through airbnb and had a really great time. They took two cars, and left early enough to make a ‘weekend’ of it. Hanging by the pool before the game and afterwards going out for a few drinks… No other details were revealed, I guess what goes on, on tour, stays on tour! 😉 So while Mr BOTR was away, what did I do? Well the boring answer is the ironing! (And catching up on some TV at the same time!) Am I the only person who leaves the ironing until it reaches a level that means you are wearing some very unique combinations of your wardrobe? I don’t hate it as a chore, I just think it’s a task I’d rather do all in one go, rather than in dribs and drabs, but by the time I get around to it the basket is half as tall as me, and I swear the shirts breed…

When I think I spent an entire working day on it, when I could have been a) out and about or b) playing with the kitten… Well I think I need to adjust my ironing regime!

Anyway other than domestic stuff I have been staring into space again! Ah the moon. I never get bored of looking at it. Last week there was a full moon and it was also a bit of a cloudy evening. I managed to get some photos. Not just of that lovely glowing orb, but also the effect the clouds had on it….

Talking of cloud, we’ve had some really weird-looking ones recently. Like alien craft lingering in the sky. I’ve posted some images to Instagram, but here are some others for you to take a look at. I would love to know why the clouds layer up like they do. I guess it’s down to wind, but the variations are just so odd!

So yeah that kinda sums up my activity for the week. Ironing and staring at the sky. Lol. (I also popped over to Spain to do some shopping with a friend on Monday, and had pizza with the girls last Friday!) But fear not, I haven’t been totally idle, no oh, I’ve been keeping Peanut (the craziest kitten on earth) busy with games… We have had hours and hours of fun… He is so full of beans, and he is either running around, biting our toes or fast asleep. Or sometimes if you’re very lucky, rubbing around you purring so loudly its hard to believe that this loud sound is coming from this tiny cat!

Peanut 01
Peanut 02

As you can see, he is still growing into his ears and legs!!

Anyway till next time! 🙂


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