Time to catch up…

It has been ages since I even logged in. So long that I very nearly forgot my password. Anyway what have we been up to?

First up comes my brother-in-laws wedding at the end of last month. The day was spent at Prestwold Hall near Loughborough and it was rather splendid. Not just to see such a happy couple but also because it is the closest I’ve gotten to actually pretending I was in Downton Abbey. We just need a Euromillions win to make that a reality. Come on Lady Luck…

Saying that I think all of our luck may have been used up in the past couple of weeks.

A month to the day after losing Kitty we (well I) went to meet a little kitten who was being fostered by a lady here in Gibraltar who works with a group of likeminded ladies who all rescue, neuter and try to re-house the street cats. (Check out their amazing and hard work on Facebook, it is a closed group, but just make a request to join.) We had no real intentions of opening our home (and hearts) to someone else so soon, but this little guy was so like Kitty in his looks, that I melted and he came to live with us that afternoon. The only similarities he shares with her is looks. I have never ever known a cat like him. He is about three and half months old, and he’s been here for two weeks now. He’s filled the house with his own brand of crazy; ‘you may pet me on the bed, but not in the hallway’ ‘I do not like wet food’ ‘I find 0300 a perfect time to bite human toes’ ‘sleeping during the day makes more sense than sleeping at night, try it human’. He has made himself at home in her old things and to be honest I think he settled quite quickly because of her smell being in her things still. We have had one incident where he threw ALL of his new clean litter over the hall because he didn’t like the smell / texture / cat on the bag? (At 0200 in the morning, no less.) But other than that and the fact neither myself or Mr BOTR has had any sleep (he doesn’t just play, he hurls himself all around the bed) we are getting along fine. I can safely say we wouldn’t be without him. So be prepared for many, many photos of Peanut to come…

During our visit to the UK we stayed at a hotel in my home town. There was no room at my mother-in-laws as she was hosting family from Portugal and my parents don’t have room for us both to stay. We opted for the cheap and cheerful Travelodge. Ah. Well. Where to start? We were greeted on our landing by a call from the hotel asking if we still wanted our fully paid for room? Yes, we replied, we just landed a bit late, we shall be with you shortly.

We arrive at the hotel, me with my usual travel headache, Mr BOTR needing a good nights sleep, and we meet a night manager who has clearly taken customer service lessons from Basil Fawlty. Rude doesn’t cover it. Mr BOTR asks if he can leave our hire car parked outside, and is told by Mr Night Manager he can not and will not answer that question. Yes, seriously. That we must go outside and inspect the bay for a number or letter and then he will write us a permit, but he will not (he’s going very red at this point) take any responsibilty for what happens to the car regardless of where we leave it. Mr BOTR sorts the car, I am at this point on the verge of puking from the pain in my head. Mr BOTR returns, we get our room keys and try to take the lift to our floor. One key wont work, and the lift is out of action, no bother we can use the other one. We get to our room to discover someone else is already in there. Thank the good Lord above that they were not in there at the time. Oddly just as we discover this Mr Night Manager appears. We call to him. “Hey this room is already occupied.” He looks at us as though he imagining removing our internal organs through our belly buttons. “No, can’t be right.” He says. He pokes his head around the door to be greeted by a pair of pants (clean) stuffed into the pocket of a shirt and an open ironing board, and open suitcase. Mr Night Manager then sighs because we’ve obviously done this on purpose, and barks at us to follow him. Which we do. We were staying for two nights, he obviously, to ensure that his customers get as little rest as possible fails to amend what room we are now in, so a genuinely sweet, and helpful cleaning lady takes us to reception the following morning and tells the young lady on duty what has happened.

I’ve gotta say that the girls who work during the day were a different class. Helpful, kind, and absolutely mortified that this happened at all. And to compensate us they offered us a free breakfast. We didn’t use it, but they said they’ll carry it over to our next stay…

Ah our next stay, you’d think it would be smooth going, plain sailing, that the hotel wouldn’t let this happen twice, let alone twice to the same people on the same ‘break’. But it did. The day after the wedding we checked in for another couple of nights, and yet again we get allocated someone elses room. So awkward. And I felt so bad for the receptionist. She was fuming. Late night changes that hadn’t been updated on the system. Ah well it made for a funny Facebook status…

England was a bit glorious while we were over, not just that kind of fluffy cloud, warm weather nice. Our drive up to Loughborough was a major pain in the rear. Road works all the way up the motorway, so on our way home we went through the lanes and minor roads. Oh the villages, thatched cottages, farm land, streams, rolling hills. It almost made me want to return to the home nation. And then it clouded over and I remembered why we love the med.

On our return to Gibraltar I said goodbye to a very dear friend who has returned to England. Her husband had already gone over a few days before, but our goodbye was a really lovely walk around Europa Point with Madge the Maltese, on a very windy day where for some unknown reason our cakes snapped in two, and the second half turned to crumbs which we when got covered in… I miss you guys a lot 😦 But we will be visiting you soon 🙂 Yep I just invitied myself, but you keep posting amazing photos of rolling hills and green fields and I want to come and see… 😀

Last weekend we went to the opening of a new restaurant (La Sala) on the Sunborn. Quite a fancy affair, where I made the rookie error of mixing my drinks and losing the following day to vodkaitis. (A horrible aliment. This is why I don’t drink.) It was a themed event. The theme being white and gold and ‘sailory’, we were on a boat after all. Some very glamorous creatures attended (not me, and I didn’t adhere to the dresscode) and then there were some other ‘scary’ people. The people of Costa del Sol legend. The ‘Marbs’ crew. Alas I did sustain an injury whilst there, as I was wearing flat shoes, I found myself at breast height, (in London I am armpit height on the tube, I will never complain about sweaty pits ever again) and I got whacked in the face by a pair of boobs that were previously owned by Katie Price. It hurt. But it amused the people I was with. (I want to point out, she walked into me, I was entirely innocent of any wrongdoing, and she was so drunk she didn’t say sorry, mind you she probably didn’t feel it…) The night was ultimately very fun, and I saw with my own eyes how these footballer people are hounded by females. I felt like I was in an episode of TOWIE crossed with the celebrity section of the Daily Mail. It was most bizarre. I’ll keep you posted as to when (or if) we try the restaurant!



8 thoughts on “Time to catch up…

  1. So sorry to hear about Kitty, Amy, but Peanut is quite adorable and extremely handsome. My neighbour volunteers at some cat rescue shelter on Saturdays and adopted a couple of kittens a while back too. Hope you have better luck with him and glad he’s settled in so well. You should have a dog jumping on you in the bed though. And snarling if you dare to move your feet and he’s resting on them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 We are keeping our fingers crossed he is OK. We know the risks of adopting a street cat, that being you don’t know their background, but he’s been tested for all sorts and come up negative. Next thing to do is have him immunised and his bits chopped off. Poor little fella. We just want him to feel a little more at home, and then we will be doing just that.
      Getting snarled at! Our German Shepherd used to push us out of our beds and take them for himself. Lol. Dogs are so funny 🙂


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