So Saturday afternoon I went to St. Alban’s to meet my mum-in-law.

I think the entire family had been briefed by Mr BOTR that they needed to operate in distraction mode. I wasn’t left alone, expect for my Sunday afternoon snooze.

I needed to pick up a face brush that you can’t get in Gibraltar, so I decided to pop to the St. Alban’s branch of Space NK.  The St. Alban’s branch is tucked away in Christopher’s Place. Which is in one of the prettiest parts of St. Alban’s. It was already super busy around there because of the market being on, plus it being saturday afternoon, and on top of that  I discovered this display of owls and other birds of prey, which had a large crowd of people ‘oohing and ahhhing’ around them.

I took a couple of quick shots with my camera phone and then went to meet my mum-in-law and brought her back to see the birds. I loved that she also noticed the inch long talons on the biggest owl. Seriously that bird is basically flying around with daggers for feet! I made the joke that they might have been featured in Harry Potter, but I genuinely think they might have been those postal birds!

After admiring the birds, (and me taking many, many pictures with my ‘real’ camera, note to self; owls do not turn if you make kissy sounds at them, but will go wild if they see small dogs) we had a lovely wander around the shops and market. We got a coffee and cake, and then did a bit more wandering around the shops and then had dinner at Wagamama.

Dear Franchisers of Gibraltar. WAGAMAMA. Do it. Someone, please! It was so good. I haven’t been to Wagamama since we lived in Malta. Ginger beer and vegetarian noodles. Yum.

After our very yummy dinner, we headed back to the car and my mum-in-law dropped me at the train station where I got a cab (I was going to get the bus, but it was too cold to wait) home.



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